Jangarh Singh Shyam: A Conjuror’s Archive by Jyotindra Jain


Designing a monograph on a prolific ‘tribal artist’: A retrospective show on Jangarh Singh Shyam at the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, New Delhi, offered a fresh perspective and deep insights into the life and work of this artist. We created the book that accompanied the show. The book was published by MAP (Museum of Art & Photography) in association with Mapin Publishing.

While visually rich, the book is academic in content. The design is deliberately traditional and structured — allowing the viewer to read, reference and absorb the material with ease. Divided into 3 sections, the separator colours draw from the artist’s evolving palette, from earthy to vibrant. Large, dramatic images highlight textures and details.

The cover is dynamic and bold in its choice of painting, crop and composition — directly referencing the contemporary nature of the artist’s work. The outer jacket reveals a tactile, fabric book cover — a subtle detail of a screen-printed, graphic interpretation of the artist’s original work.

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