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Branding Asia’s premier biotechnology company: Biocon is India’s first and largest, fully-integrated, innovation-led biopharmaceutical company. We enabled Biocon’s transition from an enzyme manufacturing company to a global biopharmaceutical enterprise with a strong, dynamic and distinctive identity.

In 2002, we were appointed to redesign Biocon’s brand, to reflect its shift from manufacturing, to cutting-edge, research-driven therapeutics.

In a nascent industry, particularly in the Indian context, it was important that the identity clearly connect with biotechnology. Internationally, we needed to present Biocon as a global, credible and professional brand.

We named the symbol, the ‘Dynalix’ (dynamic + helix). The double helix lies at the core of biotech research and business. Bold and cleverly abstracted, it reflects Biocon’s pioneering spirit, has strong visual recall and is future-proof. Leveraging Biocon’s highly successful 20 year legacy, we retained blue as the primary brand colour.

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“TSK’s design thinking process differentiates the company. Biocon’s unique logo which Tania Khosla christened ‘The Dynalix’ has an enduring dimension that has stood the test of time with its perpetual contemporary look. TSK has many laudable testimonials from a diverse range of organizations who enjoy a ‘stand out’ distinction in a crowded landscape.”

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Chairperson & MD, Biocon