Stonehill International School

Brand Identity / Campaigns / Digital / Environmental Graphics / Print

Branding a complete IB school: In an increasingly multinational world, education must provide a global perspective while embracing the local. We crafted an identity that embodies this belief by design.

Stonehill International is an IB School that aims to meet the highest educational expectations of Bangalore’s rapidly growing global community. TSK Design has worked closely with the school in steering its branding since inception. Over the last 7 years, the communication strategy has evolved as the school has grown into a full and vibrant institution.

The brand identity, while being international, is local in its reference. Inspired from sandalwood carving, a local craft of Karnataka, the brand mark is a hill created from a repeat pattern. Each unit of the hill symbolises the individual that comes together to form a community — one that strives for growth and excellence.

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