Century Real Estate

Brand Identity
  • Location/ Bangalore

Branding an integrated real-estate company: Century Real Estate is amongst the oldest and largest land-holders in Bangalore. We helped Century transition into a forward thinking, integrated real-estate company through our dynamic and bold re-brand.

To shift perception from being a ‘traditional’ BtoB business of land-owners, to a progressive BtoC real-estate developer, tsk Design was appointed to create a new brand identity for Century.

The tagline ‘Thinking Ahead’ reflects the company’s core – it’s farsightedness in land investments which translates into price-benefit for its customers. And, its vision to build distinguished developments, ensuring future value for its consumers.

The Century mark – a sharp and dynamic ‘spark’ captures this spirit of ‘Thinking Ahead’. A deep teal expresses the solidity of an established company, while a rich red signals dynamism, a move into the future.

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