Brand Identity / Packaging
  • Location/ Marrakech, Morocco

Storytelling in Marrakech: We crafted a lush and layered brand story for Katakali, an eclectic lifestyle store, making it a must-visit destination for the discerning traveler.

Katakali at the Sahara Palace, Marrakech retails books and objects hand-picked by hotel owner/architect Priti Paul from countries in the East and beyond. Katakali means, a bouquet of stories – Kata (story) + Kali (bouquet/flowers). Inspired by the epic accounts of Moroccan traveler Ibn Batuta, the identity centres around the mystical tales of an explorer. Beautiful illustrated icons – almond-shaped eyes, elephants, camels, peacocks, parrots and jugglers adorn an abundant magical tree. This forms the central motif of the identity supported by the lyrical accounts of an intrepid traveler.

Bespoke and hand painted, the logotype is elegant with painterly tips. Handmade wrapping papers printed in gold and embossed with felt, tissues with majestic gold elephants and evocative narratives make for rich and textured packaging.

Katakali lures you into a bejewelled story and wraps you in its heady experience.

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