Living: The Park Magazine


Reinventing a hotel magazine that is Anything but Ordinary: Since 2007, TSK Design has curated and designed Living, The Park Magazine — making it the brand’s flagship bi-annual publication. Responding to the popularity of its edgy design and content, while addressing the challenge for a more economical and frequent format, we re-imagined the magazine to a broadsheet. The large size allows for bold and impactful graphics, while succinct but clever content holds the reader.

The Park Hotels is India’s leading collection of boutique hotels. Innovative design and engagement with contemporary culture lies at the core of the brand. Beautiful, intelligent and an easy read, Living captures The Parks’ ethos and brand essence.

The cover is a blank canvas used to creatively highlight two core values of the brand. First, The Park, a curator of culture, consistently promotes Indian design, art and craft. This aspect of ‘proud to be Indian’ plays out through ordinary Indian objects, elevated, icon-like, on a white page. Second, the tagline ‘Anything But Ordinary,’ alters your reading, revealing tongue-in cheek text. There is magic in the mundane; extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary.

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