Paro, The Soul of Good Earth

Brand Identity / Packaging
  • Location/ New Delhi

Crafting a new concept for Indian luxury: Paro is the wellness & personal luxury brand of Good Earth, India's defining lifestyle brand. While Good Earth celebrates India's rich visual culture, Paro journeys deeper, drawing from ancient Vedic wisdom. We created an evocative, layered and consciously crafted identity for Paro that is intrinsically Indian and resonates globally.

The calligraphic logo in Devanagiri is graceful and ethereal. Rhythmic and fluid letterforms cross linguistic barriers conveying the essential meaning of Paro – ‘beyond’. It connects with the evolved Indian and expat/global traveler alike.

A quiet palette of natural whites and tonal greys evokes a luxurious and timeless brand. Juxtaposed is Haldi’ or turmeric, the essential Ayurvedic healing agent – making for a distinctly contextual brand color.

In the Vedic calendar, there are 6 seasons (Vasant Ritu, Grishma Ritu, Varsha Ritu, Sharad Ritu, Hemant Ritu and Shishir Ritu). Being in rhythm with these brings us a deep sense of well-being. This philosophy lies at the heart of Paro. 6 beautiful, abstract prints, 1 for each season marks seasonal shifts in packaging. While exquisitely hand drawn botanical illustrations in gold foil bring to life the deeply researched, exhaustive range of botanical healing oils, which is the core of the brand.

Thoughtfully detailed packaging with hand-made papers in natural fibers, carefully crafted muslin and ‘kora’ bags, and etched brass boxes prompts you to sense, touch and feel.

Through rich & layered story-telling Paro invites you to pause and experience mindful, authentic and generous Indian luxury.

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Through rich & layered
storytelling Paro invites
you to pause and experience
mindful, authentic and generous Indian luxury.