Apeejay Surrendra Group

Brand Identity / Campaigns / Print

Taking a 100 year old business conglomerate into the future: While affirming its solidity, we created a bold and energetic identity, infusing new life into the Apeejay Surrendra brand — amongst India’s largest family-owned corporate houses.

Apeejay Surrendra Group has businesses spanning tea, shipping, hospitality, real estate and retail. To mark its centenary year, we were engaged to redesign and streamline the company’s corporate identity program. Honouring its legacy and the sentiments of older stakeholders, our strategy was to take an evolutionary approach.

While retaining the essence of the old, we made subtle but significant changes, creating a new brand mark that is more fluid and contemporary. Contrasting the mark is a dynamic and playful brand language — a set of icons developed from its basic lozenge-shape — each standing for a core value: Youthful, Entrepreneurial, Solid, Committed and Inspired.

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