Environmental Graphics
  • Collaborators/ DWP Architects

Enhancing the India headquarters of a global technology company: We helped SanDisk assimilate with the local context through folk-inspired environmental graphics that are contemporary, and work seamlessly with its global brand identity.

SanDisk is a global, innovation-led technology company. For its India headquarters in Bangalore, spread over 9 floors and 0.25 million sq. ft., we were commissioned to create environmental graphics that would have an ‘Indian essence,’ work with the brand colours, and complement the contemporary space, appealing to both an international and local audience.

Kolam is an ancient folk art, hand drawn at the entrance of homes in South India, to usher in good fortune. Composed of rice flour, lines and curved loops are drawn around an underlying grid of dots. Bringing together the systematic and intuitive, geometric and organic, the Kolam forms the basis of our design approach.

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