Kai Early Years

Brand Identity / Digital / Environmental Graphics / Print / Publication

Shaping the Early Years: It takes a village to raise a child. Understanding the importance of community in the formative 2-6 years, Kai is an innovative pre-school with an enriched learning program, thoughtfully designed spaces and a uniquely integrated community centre. At Kai, children and the community that scaffolds them, ‘thrive together.’ We crafted a playful and imaginative brand identity system, that in its joy and versatility, captures the unique philosophy and spirit of Kai.

Kaii means ‘hand’ in several South Indian languages, and kaio is ‘happy,’ in Latin. Hands are our tools of wonder. With them, we create, craft and express. When joined, they protect and nurture. Inter-linked, they build community. We articulated Kai’s positioning, naming, tagline and visual identity. ‘Kai’ and the tagline ‘Thrive Together’ capture the essence of the brand.

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The mark, an abstract hand is gestural and full of energy. It is playful and imaginative, becoming a fish, flower, sun or bird — unique characters that thrive together, creating joy and wonder.

The branding is wholly integrated and extends from print, to digital and into the space. The environmental graphics bring the spaces and branding to life through the play of scale, colour and materiality, piquing children’s curiosity — to touch, feel, peek, gaze and experience.

The TSK team has been relentless in their thought, time, effort and patience invested into each aspect of our project. Their insightful research, articulate strategy, uncompromised creativity, eye for detail and aesthetic sensibilities, have led to a truly special outcome. Its been a wonderful collaboration and we are delighted with our new brand.

Saad Sait, Co-founder & Executive Director, Kai Early Years