Curry Font

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Creating a hybrid display font: Drawn originally with a reed pen, Curry combines influences from Devanagari and Uncial. Bold and linear, yet sensuous, with flamboyant quirks — Curry is the perfect font for content that is contemporary and rooted in India.

Devanagari, the primary script for Hindu doctrines, was written with a reed pen. Uncial, a majuscule script, was written with a quill pen, in which the angle of the nib is opposite to that of the reed. Curry has visual characteristics — high contrast stroke weights, angles and stress reflective of the reed pen. Further, it draws inspiration from specific Devanagari letterforms.

The Curry Font Book extends the idea of a hybrid font to express hybrid words. The unique, sometimes hidden quality of words that have been transformed and absorbed from Sanskrit, Hindi and Tamil into mainstream English find a distinct expression through Curry.


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